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The preceptor program involves a mutually beneficial exchange between a student and a doctor. The student gains essential hands-on medical experience, and the doctor gains a time-saving assistant who can help with tasks such as taking patient histories.

Become a Preceptor: Information for joining the faculty and precepting students.

User Page: Various functions of the online program available to registered users.

Register: Fill out a quick form for free registration. This is necessary to use the online program, view flashcards, and be matched with students.

What’s New: Read about recent developments in the progress of the school and staff announcements.

Flashcards: Takes you to the last viewed flashcard. If this is your first use of the program, this link will take you to a list of schools.

Medical School: A list of medical subjects where you can view flashcards.

Content Management: Access staff functions such as the flashcard editor, the test editor, the flashcard upload screen and containers.

Curriculum: View a list of medical subjects in our curriculum.

Flashcard Topics: Read flashcard rules, regulations, guidelines.


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