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The following provides an overview of common grammar errors, especially those associated with depending on fallible spellcheckers. Spellcheckers (for purposes of this tutorial this includes grammar-checkers) continue to improve. However, many errors exist that a spellchecker might not catch. No easy trick exists to bypass this complication. Instead, make your use of correct grammar a habit rather than relying on the spellchecker to find your mistakes. Habitual use of correct grammar gives you insurance against spellcheckers and helps develop your overall writing and editing abilities.

Note: incorrect sentences appear throughout this tutorial in red. Additionally, an index of correct and incorrect sample sentences appears in Sections 15 and 16.

New section added: That and which.


1. Comma usage and sentence structure
2. It’s and its
3. Their, there, they’re
4. Verb subject agreement
5. Verb tense agreement
6. Words that change with a letter added or removed
7. Quotation marks
8. Direct quotes
9. Commas and periods to the left of quotation marks
10. Colons and semicolons to the right of quotation marks
11. Homophones
12. Apostrophes and plural nouns
13. Commonly misplaced words
14. Articles and nouns
15. That and which
16. Hyphens
17. Use of elliptical sentences for the Flashcard project
18. Editing your drafts
19. Incorrect sample sentences
20. Correct sample sentences


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