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Flashcard Authors:
Each flashcard type has a standard rate of pay. Upon task completion (with minimal errors) a bonus of $.35 per flashcard is awarded. These are starting figures and are negotiable. Certain writers can command a higher rate based on quality of work, willingness to supply graphics, and productivity. 

Standard flashcard - $.65 upon submission plus $.35 bonus upon task completion - total $1.00.
True good mnemonic flashcard of OWN creation - $.85 MNE plus completion bonus of $.35 - total $1.20.
Picture flashcard complex, first use – $4.00 IMG3 (good drawing created by author), plus bonus.
Picture flashcard typical, first use - $2.50 IMG2 (simple drawing created by author), plus bonus.
Picture flashcard simple, first use - $2.00 IMG1 (downloaded from web), plus bonus.
Picture flashcard, each subsequent use, where appropriate - $.85 IMG0, plus bonus.
Error or omission - deduct $2.00 per incidence. An omission is a failure to conform to the standards set forth in the web site, particularly the Questions Format section. An example would be the failure to supply medically correct information.
Bonus for completing a book with few errors according to website guidelines - $.35 per flashcard, as previously mentioned.

Editor for Technical Accuracy:
This position requires four years of medical school, although the exact nature of tasks varies by subject. Perform duties described on the editor's page. Repair technical inaccuracies. Provide annotated copy with a narrative evaluation of technical quality of work. Review images for quality and appropriateness.
Payment is negotiable and flexible.

Technical Line Editor:
Evaluates flashcards for form and teaching quality. We have an extensive description of the proper flashcard formats on our web site. This person is generally a professional medical writer or medical doctor with a strong technical background and line editing ability. The editor gives feedback to the authors about the quality of their writing and serves as their manager.


For every flashcard proofread -- $.25
For minor repairs, an additional -- $.06
For major repairs, an additional -- $.50
No payment for a subtopic (about one hundred flashcards) with one or more uncorrected major errors.

Perform duties described on the editor's page. This process occurs before and after technical editing. We email you the work when we receive it, and we expect to receive the corrected copy as an email attachment or online submission within a week.

For every flashcard proofread- $.20.
For minor repairs- an additional $.05.
For major repairs- an additional $.30. 
No payment for a subtopic (about one hundred flashcards) with one or more uncorrected major errors.

Video Teleconferencing:
We offer an incentive to use VSee for video teleconferencing. Senior staff members (both types of technical editors) receive $30 per conference and other staff (authors and grammar editors) receive $20. For instructions about how to install and use the appropriate software, please click here.

Bug Reports:
Help us refine our software by reporting any bugs you encounter. Payment of $15 for a complete and relevant report.
Click here to access bug report form

EDD labor fact sheet
Click here to download a fact sheet about independent contractors under California state law.



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