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  • Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray at Bartleby.com. Images from the 1918 edition of the book (which is in the Public Domain) appear on the site. The on-line edition of the book is (c) 2000 by Bartleby.com. Please check the web site for the terms of use. http://www.bartleby.com/br/107.html.
  • Bristol BioMed Learning and Teaching Resource - Note: This site is temporarily closed to free access. Photographs, images and more. 8,500 images in medical, dental and veterinary topics. Images can be used for teaching and learning purposes. Uses the MeSH catalog system (See Reference section.) Thumbnail images can be download without registration, while full size images require registration. http://www.brisbio.ac.uk or http://www.brisbio.ac.uk/bblt.
  • U.S. National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) - Introduction to the Human Body - Anatomical Terminology Tutorial provides basic explanations of the words, concepts, planes of the body and body cavities. This project was created by Emery University under contract to SEER. http://training.seer.cancer.gov/module_anatomy/unit1_3_terminology.html.
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  • Atlas of Medical Parasitology - An ongoing project started by the Carlo Denegri Foundation and others in Italy. Contributors to the atlas make voluntary submissions to the goal of creating an atlas of human tropical parasites for teaching purposes. Many parasitology images. http://www.cdfound.to.it/html/atlas.htm#atlas.
  • Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Medicine - University in Thailand. Images can be used for educational purposes only. Images are .jpg files, scanned from 35 mm color slides. Check here for images and use terms: http://www.medicine.cmu.ac.th/dept/parasite/image.htm.
  • Centers for Disease Control - Division of Parasitic Diseases. Government maintained website with free images. Even some short video clips. Images focus on threats to public health. http://www.dpd.cdc.gov/DPDx/HTML/Image_Library.htm.
  • TDR Image Library - Over 13,000 images specifically for Tropical Diseases. Founded in 1975, its sponsors include WHO, UNDP and UNICEF. Features global studies of tropical disease. Images are available for educational use, yet each one must be accompanied by a source credit.
  • Ohio State University - Parasites and parasitological resources maintained by the Ohio State University's College of Biological Sciences. Most of these images are copyrighted, but their use is acceptable for teaching purposes. http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/home.html.
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We have added an explanation for how to quickly reduce image size in PhotoShop and produce optimized graphics.
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