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Your Responsibility
When you accept a project, you are assuming a very serious responsibility. No one else will be allowed to work on the project except you. We need three updates per week from each author and editor, entered into the online log. This can be a short, simple, one-line note just to let us know your progress. We will be contacting you by phone with additional details. You can access this from clicking Daily Log on the homepage or from here. If you need a vacation, let us know in advance. If you need to discontinue work entirely, inform us and return the book promptly.

We require a minimum of 300 questions per week. There is no maximum and most writers submit more than 300. Submit each subtopic as you create it. Do not save them up and send multiple subtopics at one time. This is crucial so that you receive prompt feedback from us.

Subtopic Length
Subtopics, on average, will consist of 100 flashcards. If you are writing a subtopic and discover that it will exceed 150 flashcards, contact technical support and request an additional subtopic be added to accommodate the extra flashcards. You can then move to the new subtopic and continue writing. It is acceptable to have Subtopic 1, Subtopic 2, etc., as long as each one has 150 flashcards or less.

Invoice Submissions
When you reach five items on an invoice, submit it. Each subtopic counts as one item on an invoice. All the edits you make within a single subtopic will appear as one item on that invoice. After you have edited five subtopics, submit the invoice.

When you accept a project, it will have a pre-designed table of contents posted on the website. These are proposed guidelines to give you the scope of your project. It will become necessary to add, remove, or rearrange the topics in your subject. As you write flashcards, you will see where new areas are needed. When this arises, our support staff will create the revisions you need without additional work on your part.

Use of "New" functions in containers
Important: When in a container, authors do not need to use the "new subtopic" or other "new" functions. These create unnecessary new subtopics and tiers. All subtopics should be in place and ready for authors to use. If authors need a new subtopic created, they should contact the managing editor and/or tech support. For example, if you are writing a subtopic and discover that it will exceed 150 flashcards, contact technical support and request an additional subtopic be added to accommodate the extra flashcards. No subtopic should exceed 150 flashcards.

The answers to the questions must be absolutely accurate. One inaccurate answer will damage our credibility severely.

Consult the other pages of this site for information on obtaining images. We recommend SmartDraw6 obtainable at http://www.smartdraw.com/. Request a licensed copy from us. The program comes with thousands of medical, scientific, and mathematical templates and sample diagrams that we have the license to use. They should be fairly simple. Many of the pictures and diagrams in the books are too complex. Occasionally diagrams will need to be complex, but not usually. We need just enough to supplement the question. They would be similar to a diagram in your lecture notes. Save it in a .gif or .jpg format of less than 15 k file size and give it a unique file name. Put the graphics in a zip or other compression file with the same file name as that of the subtopic. WinZip can read Mac compression formats. All of the graphics needed by the subtopic should be in that subtopic's compression file even though it was used in a previous subtopic. Every subtopic's graphics will be stored in a separate folder in the working program.

Response to Editor's Feedback
When the editors review your work, they give you feedback. If you are heading in the wrong direction, you will be told. However, if you are heading in the right direction, you'll get positive feedback and bonuses.

Limitations of Text Files
If writing offline, the text in your questions and answers cannot use characters that are not on a standard keyboard. This includes subscripts, superscripts, underlining, bold or italics. However, the software will support HTML coding for these characters. For simplified instructions, click here.


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