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Several websites have generously taken time to provide free lists of medical words that you can download and add to your spellchecker. For Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

1. Download and extract the files, making sure to remember the location.
2. Open Word and go to the Tools menu.
3. Select Options.
4. Choose the Spelling and Grammar tab.
5. Click the Custom Dictionaries button.
6. Click the Add button and navigate to where you saved the files.
7. Choose the first file and click OK.
8. Click Add for each additional file.
9. Click OK when you are done.
10. Contact sfergus@emedschool.org for help.

SpellMed (a freeware wordlist) by Al Weisenborn Medical Device Consulting is available at: http://www.qsrhelp.com/spellmed.shtml.

Cates & Jensen Chiropractic has more words at: http://www.essex1.com/people/cates/free.htm.

A. Zamora has SpellAid (click the English Dictionary Package) at: http://www.scientificpsychic.com/spaid1.html.


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